Our Introduction


My name is Ralph, and my wife and I own the Blanco County Inn. Our love of the Texas Hill Country brought us to Blanco. We took over ownership of the Blanco County Inn the day after Thanksgiving 2003. The property, under three names; The Lester Courts, The Mobley Motel, and The Blanco County Inn, has over 80 years of continual service providing lodging to the hill country. The Blanco County Inn is our retirement project, and not being people with hotel/motel backgrounds we have put our personal spin on the property.

The goal of this blog is to let our friends and future friends know what is going on close by to Blanco, in Blanco, and to acquaint you all with our neighbors here in Blanco. Hopefully, a few times a week I will publish a new “tidbit” about things that might be of interest. Should there be anything you want to know about, email me at info@blancocountyinn.com and I will get to it shortly. Remember, if I don’t know the answer, maybe I will just make one up! Come by for a libation, cigar, or just to sit around in the park out front and enjoy the “Hill Country Vibe” that we have here in Blanco.


Blast From The Past….

20th of May 2012

Wow, what a weekend! Every year our town’s own Real Ale Brewery with Austin’s Bicycle Sport Shop hosts the Real Ale Ride. These are bicycle rides that appeal to novice riders to budding Olympians. The routes are anywhere from 15 to 80 miles long and encompass some of the prettiest vistas in all of Texas. This event is so much fun our inn is already half full for the ride next year.

Enough about the ride let me tell you about the folks that stay here. Nicer people you will never meet! They come to enjoy our river, enjoy libations and BBQ in our park, & uniquely show movies. As the years pass other riders have become friends of the main group & the party gets bigger every year! Their main movie always has been cycling oriented. In years past they have shown Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, & Quicksilver (with Kevin Bacon). This year movie night was Friday & Saturday, with a number of Tour de France movies and ending with Breaking Away. We can’t wait till next year.

The other great thing about this weekend is there is so much to do in addition to the bicycle ride. Market days at the courthouse is always fun. The annual Car Show is the third weekend as well, so many cool cars, trucks, and other rides down at the Blanco State Park. Finally for the amateur astronomer in your midst, “Stars in the Park” a presentation about night skies was Friday evening at Blanco State Park. It is tough to do everything here in Blanco!

Have a great summer, hope we see you